Giving Back...

"As a charity ourselves, we feel it important to reach out and support others....paying it forward and getting our children and families involved."

Nkuringo Foundation

Since May 2018 the preschool have sponsored Mike, a child from the 'gorillas in the mist' area of Uganda.  Sponsoring Mike means that he can attend school and finish his education, getting him his uniform, board and books that he needs to achieve.

We raised money through a sponsored activity - 'A Mask for Mike', encouraging children and families to research the area of Africa and create masks that

Over time we hope to continue supporting this community, raising money to buy them sheep and chickens, as well as sending letters from the preschool, and donations of things such as pencils and pads.

Our little ones have seen photos of the area that Mike lives in and we talk about the similarities and differences of Uganda and East Sussex, as well as read fiction books such as Handa's Surprise and Handa's Hen to support their understanding of the world around us.

Autism Awareness

Autism is something which is close to our hearts at Mayfield Preschool, and a lifelong disability which affects thousands of children and adults worldwide.

We have all attended basic ASD awareness training and several of our ladies have undertaken a diploma to develop a greater depth of understanding.

Autism is a developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with, and relates to other people, and how they experience the world around them.

We recently took part in a 'Until All The Pieces Fit' challenge, championed by one of our parents, to fundraise for Autism Awareness - creating an amazing puzzle piece display.

For more information about Autism, or to donate to this amazing cause please visit