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The Committee

As a registered charity, the Pre-School is led by a committee of voluntary members.


The committee is elected once a year, just after the start of each school year (November). Each member of the committee brings enthusiasm, passion and a different skill set to help contribute to the annual goals of the pre-school, as well as taking part in important decisions on how the pre-school is run and moved forward.

Committee members are usually parents of those attending the pre-school, but we also welcome grandparents, family members and members of the local community.


If you would like to join the Committee or contact any member of the committee, please email at:

If you would like to help occassionally but not join our Committe, we welcome you to get in touch...we often need help at fundraising events, with gardening, or during maintenance mornings!

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Current Committee:

Rebecca Morris- Chair
Hannah Thorndycroft - Vice Chair
Alice Aldridge - Secretary

Sophie Raubenheimer

Victoria Ash

Esme Purser


Becky - Chair of Committee
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