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Preschool During Covid-19

What is Covid19?

Covid 19 is a strain of coronavirus, and infectious and notifiable disease.  Symptoms can include:

  • A persistent cough

  • Temperature

  • Temporary loss of smell and/or taste

  • A hive like rash


If you, or your child displays any of these symptoms, please do not come to the preschool but phone 111 for advice and isolate as per the UK Government guidelines.

Our Information

In light of the Novel Coronavirus: Covid19 outbreak, that has ultimately changed not only the way business in the UK works, but indeed the world, we feel it prudent to share with you our policies, procedures and Q&A's on this topic.

Links to government, NHS and other advice, as well as our pandemic policy, procedures and risk assessment can be found to the side of this page, please click on the links to find out more.

How to explain Covid19 to young children?

During periods of lockdown, and with new guidance weekly, us as adults are struggling during this time.  Our children will feel this too...with routines suddenly changed, no more playdates or nursery, and perhaps not seeing family members either.  

Your child needs to see you modelling calm.  There are a number of stories that have been designed to help little ones learn more about social distancing and understand just why we can't hug or see friends and family right now.  Please, follow the links below to view these.

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