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Every Child a Talker

"The child begins to perceive the world not only through his eyes but also through his speech".  Vygotsky

Early years speech, language and communication development is so important if our little learners are to unlock their full potential.

At Mayfield Pre-School we are very pro-active in enabling children to develop their communication, not only through modelling speech in play but in encouraging and supporting social interaction through play, and interacting with action songs and stories.  As well as this we promote understanding and development through our environment by using:

  • Visual timetables and cues for routines and changes to the day

  • All child accessed equipment in clearly labelled with text and photos/pictures

  • Our displays of learning are child led, colourful and engaging, celebrating their achievements and work, providing talking points and opportunities for children to discuss what they did

  • Photos of prior learning are displayed at child height both in the indoor, and outdoor environment, prompting discussion and gesture in all children

  • Language 'hot spots' are identified termly and opportunities for role play, photos, and share thinking are developed

Through our use of Famly we also link our ECAT (Early Communication Tool Kit) to monitor speech and language development.  If we feel a child needs more support we will make time to discuss how we can further support you, and possible ways that speech could be encouraged at home.  

For more information on helping your child to reach their potential please explore the links below.

Example of paper form of the Early Communication Tool Kit (ECAT)

Click here for ECAT in Russian.

ESCC & NHS Little Talkers (click on age):
2 Years Old
2 and half Years Old
3 Years Old
4 Years Old
If you would like to view these in a different language, a member of staff can help arrange this.

East Sussex CC activity suggestions of how to help your child develop their understanding, listening and communication skills.

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