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Helping Your Child at Home

A selection of activities and 

ideas for at home.  All these are available to pick up at Preschool.

As a parent you often want to help your child but sometimes don't know how....should you step in and help? or should you let them explore and experiment?

At Mayfield Preschool there are key elements that we particularly try to reinforce and support your children to develop in prior to starting school, and these can be easily followed up at home:

  • Health and Self-Care

    • Putting own shoes and coat on

    • FInding own tray and peg

    • Being able to flush the toilet and wash own hands independently

  • PSED

    • Being able to tolerate a short delay​

    • Sharing toys and resources with others

    • Begin to resolve own conflicts with others

There are also many fun activities that enhance your child's learning and development in the Early Years, from playing with puzzles, sorting toys by type, singing number songs and basic things such as pairing socks! Playdough will really help build upon your child's pincer muscles, imperative in fine motor control and vital for writing.  Playing I spy games, or simply talking about what can seen, smelt or heard when out and about, are all brilliant ways of helping to develop your child's communication and language, as well as their appreciation for the beautiful world around us.  You can find out more about your child's Early Speech, Language and Communication here.  Most importantly, your child needs physical movement - at least 3 hours a day! To find out more about activities to support physicality at home, go to our physicality page.

For more ideas on how to help your child at home, or for information to help you better understand what to expect from your child, please see our 'Parent Partnership' booklet in the lobby or click on the links below.

Mayfield Preschool Home Partnership

Find out more about helping your child be 'school ready', and the skills they need in order to be able to write.

A child's speech and language development is crucial to all they do. Find out more about helping this.

Here is a little information about Phonics in the Early Years.

Helpful 'tips' poster for school readiness!

Physical movement is so important for children. Here are some ideas to help them - 



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