Parent Partnership is key to all we do and we very much value, and use, the feedback we are given...

"Thank you all, for being such wonderful ladies and providing our children with such a happy and nurturing place for them to grow and develop".
October 2019
"We had an overwhelming sense that this preschool was children focused and capable of meeting the needs of an individual.  I think you all deserve a medal for the amount of dedication and care that you show our little ones.  It's so important to know they are in safe and nurturing hands".
September 2019
"Fantastic Communication both verbally (on a daily basis) and through Tapestry - A brilliant tool used very well by Mayfield Preschool – Personally I always look forward to the updates/pictures on how [my child] is getting on".
June 2019
"Thank you for all your hard work and dedication you put into the preschool...it's you ladies who put a smile on our children's faces and make their day full of fun!"
July 2018
"...Has loved his preschool experience and all the wonderful fun you have together.  He is excited for his new school and this is testament to how comfortable he has felt with you all".
August 2019