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Why Join Us?

We are all mums who live locally and who genuinely care about the little ones in our charge.  We nurture, we empathise and we are compassionate, wanting to see them grow and flourish as much as you do...taking little steps in their learning until the day that we are there to cheer them on as they start school!
Simply put - we love early years!
When your child joins our setting you become part of our preschool family...we will involve you, and share with you, every part of your child's learning.  We will want to work with you and know what knowledge you have about your child.
We will smile with you, laugh with your child and share in their learning, comfort them when you aren't there and hold little hands as they take strides in their own next steps...
But most of all we will take great pride and pleasure in seeing them becoming secure and confident life long learners.

"Let the magic begin..."

To get in touch, ask any questions or arrange a visit, please

click here.

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